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Transforming How Bank Apps Connect To Leading Brands & Billers

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Mobile Top-up

Top-up your prepaid mobile phone straight from your existing bank apps or digital wallets.

Prepaid Energy

Easily add credit to your prepaid electricty or gas meter from your bank apps or digital wallets.

Mobility & Travel

Easily pay for parking, tolls, travel cards, etc. from your bank apps or digital wallets.

Banks & Wallets

Enable your customers to easily and securely pay for services from your apps.


How does it Work?

  • Use Existing Bank Apps or Wallets

    Once a bank or digital wallet supports PayMware, users can just log in and choose top-up from the menu and initiate the top-up from the list available, i.e. mobile prepaid, prepaid electricty, prepaid gas, etc.

  • PayMware Connects the Bank App or Wallet through its library of biller APIs.

    PayMware connects the bank app or wallet to the appropriate biller and initiates the top-up process.

  • Transaction Successful

    Balance / Credit is applied and the customer is notified in near real-time.


An overview of the major benefits for billers and their customers

Improve ARPU / Availability

PayMware provides your customers with a new 24-hour digital channel which will increase the ARPU.

Single Integration - Multiple Channels

Integrating once with PayMware can support payments from multiple banks and digital wallets.

Improved Customer Experience

No app to download; your customers can use their existing secure and trusted financial apps. Best-in-class UX.

Eliminate Fraud & Chargebacks

PayMware uses the bank level anti-fraud controls to eliminate your exposure to fraud and reduce expensive chargebacks.

Reduced Support Queries

PayMware uses APIs and input validation techniques to reduce the number of support queries for billers and banks.

Simple Onboarding

PayMware can integrate with your existing APIs to rapidly enable real-time credit for account-based billing with reduced overheads.

Reliable & Secure

PayMware is engineered to be secure and have high availability and reliability in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 and 22301:2019 certifications.


An overview of the major benefits for banks / digital wallets and their customers

Single Integration for Multiple Billers

By integrating once with PayMware your apps will be able to support real-time payment for common everyday services.

Add Services Without Costly IT Projects

PayMware will work with you to seamlessly onboard new operators & sectors as we add them to the PayMware Ecosystem without the need to additional IT projects.

Increase Customer Engagement

Grow app touches as more services are added in the future.

Competitive Advantage

Keep up with your customers real-time use-cases for innovative payment solutions and services.

Reliable & Secure

PayMware is engineered to be secure and have high availabiliy and reliability, in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 and 22301:2019.

Improved Customer Experiences

Optimised Customer Journeys

PayMware will work with both the financial institutions and the billers to ensure that the customer experience has been optimised to provide the best service available to their customers.

PayMware uses best in class UX approaches gleaned from global digital banking leaders. PayMware has used this to identify key features that will ensure an intuitive and satisfying process for your customers that will reduce key pain points, and importantly support queries, for financial institutions, billers and their customers.

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Integrate PayMware Seamlessly with your Back-Office System

For financial institutions, PayMware can operate in low and medium touch scenarios depending on your organisations preferences. Low touch requires minimal IT resources on your side and we do all the heavy lifting. In a medium touch scenario, your app team will work with us to implement the approprite customer journeys to maximize the experience for your customers.

For billers, PayMware can integrate into your back office systems directly via APIs, back-office systems, or via sFTP. We will work with your teams to ensure the best possible experience for your customers.

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